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La Cousine? A quirky name for a creative studio !

Indeed. Anyway, welcome to our family !

At La Cousine, we go beyond being just a service provider; we become your operational partner for executing graphic and digital projects. We seamlessly integrate with businesses that may not have in-house graphic and web departments. Much like in a large family, the cousins may not be present at every meal, but for the big family dinners, you can always count on them.

We’re here to ensure that your projects are executed with precision, whether it’s a grand family affair or a smaller, more intimate gathering.

We believe in brands and ideas that have the potential to make meaningful changes, regardless of their scale.

Our mission is to illuminate the uniqueness of committed projects through impactful visual identities, eye-catching communication materials, and stunning websites.

Our philosophy is to involve every client in the creative and development process to showcase the values of YOUR company, activity, or project. You play a role in every key stage of design and creation.


A holistic approach, tailored to your project.

Our working method is based on listening, collaboration and exchange with our partners.
Our aim is to design, step by step, a coherent graphic or web project aligned with your brand.
That’s why we take a holistic approach to every brand we work with.

During each phase, everything is done to ensure that our collaboration becomes a source of pleasure and motivation for everyone involved.

Bienvenue dans la famille

Au cœur du studio :

Graphic + Web Designer


Mise en page et mise au net (préparation du fichier pour l’impression) du catalogue Formations Construction 2022 – 2023.

Visioconférences Director


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Inspirations Manager


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Our lovely Partners

These exceptional partners are our driving force. We’re thrilled to roll with these businesses and organizations who share our love for all things creative and innovative.

Together, we’re a dynamite combo, making their brands shine brighter and setting the creativity bar higher. They trust us, we thrive together!

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*En wallon, le mot “jatte” (aussi orthographié “jate”) signifie “tasse”. Les Wallons étant des grands amateurs de café, c’est un mot couramment utilisé qui fait référence à “une tasse de café”.